Aquaculture Stewardship Council | Certified farms

Certificate Holder

Type of Certificate Holder Farm
Company Pacific Reef Fisheries
Country Australia
Main contact Wayne Di Bartolo

Certification Details

Status Certified
Valid from 30 May 2018
Valid until 29 May 2021
CAB q.inspecta GmbH
ASC Standard ASC Shrimp Standard v1.1
Type of Certification Single Farm



Farm/s Name Species Address
Ayr Farm Giant tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon) N/A


Associated Documents

Document Type Associated audit Date Published 1st Language 2nd language
Surveillance 1 Audit Report - Final Surveillance 1 27 Aug 2019 English
Certificate Surveillance 1 10 May 2019 English
Audit Announcement Surveillance 1 09 May 2019 English
Initial Audit Report - Final Initial 01 Jun 2018 English
Psia/ beia Initial 15 Dec 2017 English
Psia/ beia Initial 15 Dec 2017 English
Initial Audit Report - Draft Initial 14 Dec 2017 English


Current Audit Detail

Type of audit Surveillance 1
Start audit 03 Jun 2019
End audit 05 Jun 2019


Audit Team Members

Name Role 2nd Role
Stephen Leporati Lead Auditor
Sascha Brand-Gardner Technical Expert