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Certificate Holder

Type of Certificate Holder Farm
Company Sol Azul
Country Mexico
Main contact Philippe Danigo Lelivec

Certification Details

Status Certified
Valid from 05 Sep 2018
Valid until 04 Sep 2021
CAB Control Union Peru SAC
ASC Standard ASC Bivalve Standard v1.0
Type of Certification Single Farm



Farm/s Name Species Address
El Cardon Farm Crassostrea gigas (Pacific cupped oyster );Crassostrea sikamea (Kumamoto oyster) Laguna San ignacio BCS


Associated Documents

Document Type Associated audit Date Published 1st Language 2nd language
Audit Announcement Surveillance 1 21 May 2019 English Spanish
Certificate Initial 10 Sep 2018 English
Initial Audit Report - Final Initial 10 Sep 2018 English Spanish
Initial Audit Report - Draft Initial 07 Aug 2018 English Spanish
Audit Announcement Initial 28 Mar 2018 English


Current Audit Detail


Audit Team Members

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